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Peer Support

Program Hours & Location

Mon-Fri, 8am to 4pm

*Intakes by Appointment*

1000 Cherry St SE 

Olympia, WA 98501

Office Phone:  (360) 357-2582

What to Expect

To begin your recovery journey, please call for an appointment: 
(360) 357-2582

Everyone has a story and every story is different.

Stone Soup Cafe

Part of recovery is nourishing the body as well as the mind.
The Cafe offers lunch four times a week to program participants.

First Steps

 You will first complete a strengths-based mental health assessment with a Peer Mental Health Professional.

Peer Led Groups

Our participants join Peer-Led Groups as part of their recovery. Groups for October 2023 thru December 2023 can be found below.

Next Steps

The team will assign you a Certified Peer Counselor (CPC) who will meet with you individually, weekly. With your CPC support, you will create goals based on what you would like to focus on. These goals will be regularly reviewed and updated based on individual progress and wants.

Meet Our Peer Support Team

Our staff draws inspiration from your experiences, guiding you toward healing and your recovery.

We walk side by side with you to create a pathway to recovery. We provide multiple opportunities for your recovery journey, including peer counseling, support groups, and a safe space to engage with your peers.

Trish 2.jpg

Trish Barron


Peer Supervisor


Carol Varble

Certified Peer Counselor


Janine Rodriguez Colletta


Certified Peer Counselor

Anna Stusser_edited.jpg

Anna Stusser


Certified Peer Counselor


Russell Wilks

Kitchen Specialist


Marissa Harford


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