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Fern Plant

A peer-supported sanctuary that fosters recovery, healing, growth and community engagement.

At CRC, our team is enhanced with our Certified Peer Counselors (CPC), united in sharing a wealth of lived experiences.

Our Values 

Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, Openness, Transparency, Human Responsibility.

Our team of peers, staff, and board of directors, as well as our community are our most valuable resources.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Capital Recovery Center is committed to creating, not only a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team but, a place where EVERYONE is welcomed and accepted. 

Our participants come from all walks of life, as does our team.

We are an Equal Opportunity organization where everyone has a place and no one is discriminated upon for any reason.

Capital Recovery Center is a safe place for all. 

Meet Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors reflects the overall compassion and empathy of the Olympia area, sharing in the common goal of recovery and healing. 


Each board member strives to ensure the mission of CRC is met and strengthened, through guidance and creating opportunities for growth

Darlene Hein - Chair
Paula Rauen - Member
Candace Garman - Vice Chair
Kevin Johnson - Member
Ron Rougeaux - Member
Donna Louise Elam - Secretary
Jerry Barney - Member
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