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Welcome to
Capital Recovery Center (CRC)

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Capital Recovery Center is committed to creating, not only a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team but, a place where EVERYONE is welcomed and accepted. 

Our participants come from all walks of life, as does our team.

We are an Equal Opportunity organization where everyone has a place and no one is discriminated upon for any reason.

Capital Recovery Center is a safe place for all. 


Wherever the participant begins their journey to recovery, we are there to help. 

We walk side-by-side with the participant toward a sustainable and healing recovery built on trust, respect and collaboration between participants and counselors.

We save lives.

Peer Support Program

Community members with mental health challenges, all are welcome.

Our Certified Peer Counselors utilize evidence-based and best practices principles, providing quality services to all our participants. 

HIPAA Privacy policies are strictly adhered to. CRC does not share information with third parties, unless through written consent, or as required by law.

Olympia Buprenorphine Clinic (OBC)

For community members experiencing opioid/fentanyl use disorder, seeking management with buprenorphine and comfort medications. upon request. 

Outreach & Housing Program

Our Outreach and Housing Team members meet community members where they are and connect them to services based on their needs as well as other criteria.

Belfair Community Clubhouse

Belfair Community Clubhouse is a new program developed by Capital Recovery Center and the Belfair community to provide a warm and welcoming place for individuals who have challenges with Mental Health. 

We follow all HIPAA requirements to the fullest extent. We will NOT share your information without your consent to do so, except as required by law.

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What people have to say:

” It helps more than I can say and everybody is so hopeful and understanding.” 

~Peer Program Participant

 “I found out about the clinic. And my goal was to get a steady flow of Suboxone to keep me level, and to not have any cravings. So that was basically my main goal was to stay sober.” 

~OBC Patient

"You guys literally mostly likely saved our lives. We owe so much to you."

~Community Services Participant 

“My need are always taken care of.  They’re all so understanding.  There are times I am day by day but they always make me feel at home.”  

~PATH/Pathfinder Participant

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